About Me


My name is Tony Poitra, I studied Graphic Design at New Mexico State University. During the day I work full time as a office manager at a moving company and in my spare time I freelance as a Graphic Designer and digitally paint portraits. At night I love to relax by playing online games with my friends and family. I'm a self motivator and love to figure out solutions to complex problems.


Starting from my early teens I have been interested in art and computer graphics. As a kid, I started making fansites based on popular games and self teaching myself HTML. As I got older, I realized that I liked designing more than coding and started to learn Photoshop. I dabbled a bit into Dreamweaver and CSS and still maintain a general understanding of both HTML and CSS. Most of my skills are self taught, but I did go to New Mexico State University – Alamogordo to get an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. While attending college I learned Adobe Illustrator and increased my knowledge of Photoshop. I interned as a freelance designer with the Eagle Ranch Pistachio Farm, working up concepts for wine bottle labels and product packaging for their pistachios.

Work History

I have worked mainly as a freelance artist doing pro bono work for friends, family, and video game clans and guilds. I'm stickler for perfection and will work with clients to make sure they get a product they love. Some of my work includes Brochures, Business Cards, Guild Sites, and Certificates.